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Photoshop elements drop dead fantasy techniques

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Miestas: Vilnius
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Santrauka: "Photoshop Elements Drop Dead Fantasy Techniques" is aimed at digital-imaging enthusiasts and users who already have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Elements' tools and features, as well as a basic understanding of the fundamentals of digital imaging. In short, this title is for intermediate users who want to expand their knowledge of the program while at the same time creating fun and fantastic images. Advanced users, meanwhile, will also learn a number of innovative image manipulation and compositing techniques via the numerous workthroughs contained in the book. The majority of the tutorials concentrate on the transformation of human figures into fantastic beings: learn how to turn images of your friends and family into aliens, zombies, and stone statues. In addition to this, the book shows users how to make use of scanned organic materials and the environment around them to create tree people as well as a modern take on the traditional 'Green Man' motif. In addition to morphing figures into fantastical beings, readers will learn how to transform existing scenery and create fantastic and surreal environments. Whether it is simulating a flying saucer attack or creating a fantastic city floating on clouds, "Photoshop Elements Drop Dead Fantasy Techniques" will show you how it's done, complete with step-by-step instructions, and tricks, hints, and expert tips along the way.