Hill Susan

I'm the King of the Castle

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Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius


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KNYGYNAS. Pylimo g. 59, Vilnius. Palankstyti viršelio kraštai,vidus-labai geras.

Santrauka: The book is set in a large house called Warings near the village of Derne. It was once a grand countryside mansion, but has since fallen into despair and decay. Joseph Hooper has inherited the house, and lives with his 10-year-old son Edmund Hooper. They have a cold, formal relationship that lacks any compassion. Joseph compares it to his relationship with his own father, which had been very similar. Joseph announces that a housekeeper will be moving in, and will bring her son who is of a similar age to Edmund. Mrs. Helena Kingshaw, and her son Charles Spicer Kingshaw, arrive at Warings. The young boy, Edmund Hooper, becomes defensive of his house, and instantly takes a dislike to Kingshaw. He mocks his social class and his father, and in the ensuing fight Kingshaw punches Hooper. Kingshaw then attempts to escape Warings, but is attacked by a vicious crow. The crow is thought to symbolise Hooper, who is very protective of his territory.

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